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Group Strategy

In ASEC Group we pursue our environmental and occupational health and safety policy by making strategic choices and engaging in operational planning and investing. In taking this view, we see our commitment to sustainability as an investment in withstanding the current international recession, offering a considerable return in benefits, not just for the environment, but also in terms of improved efficiency, therefore making us more competitive. This commitment is shown in projects to develop new types of cement requiring less fuel, and therefore result in even lower atmospheric emissions, particularly CO2, and in projects that seek to increase the use of alternative fuels.


Our SD vision

The Group seeks to achieve sustainable development by continually improving its financial, Environmental and Social performance.



ASEC Group is committed to achieving health, safety, social and environmental development by:

• Complying with applicable legislation and official regulatory standards;

• Respecting human resources by ensuring a healthy, safe workplace;

• Promoting and adopting clean technologies;

• Reducing the environmental impact of individual products;

• Developing eco-sustainable products;

• Setting improvement targets;

• Involving and continually training employees to achieve targets;

• Increasing transparency and promoting a dialogue with stakeholders, customers, employees, governmental bodies, suppliers, local communities and shareholders.


To achieve the goals stated in the above guidelines, ASEC is committed to:

• Developing, constructing and maintaining an environmental management system in all the Group’s subsidiaries and manufacturing plants to achieve its goals;

• Sharing its sustainable development policy, objectives and action plans by publishing an annual Sustainable Development Report;

• Formulating and using environmental key performance indicators as guidelines for achieving  targets set;

• Improving the environmental performance of plants through:

- Controlling and reducing all types of emissions;

- Controlling energy consumption;

- Engaging in technological research focusing on the use of alternative fuels in manufacturing, thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuels;

- Controlling and reducing water use and waste;

- Controlling noise emissions;

- Preventing and responding to emergencies that have an environmental impact

• Preventing accidents and injuries through implementation of the Zero Harm Project, workplace studies and verification, health and safety surveys and action plans.


Welcome to ASEC CEMENT

ASEC CEMENT is a platform for investments in emerging cement markets in the Middle East and North Africa Region and was created in November 2005 by Citadel Capital, the MENA region’s leading private equity firm

ASEC Commitment

We seek to achieve and retain the continuous satisfaction of our customer, employees and shareholders because we believe it is the road to success.

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