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The long-term business success of ASEC Cement group depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of products while protecting people, environment and community. Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental protection, and community goodwill. This commitment is in the best interest of our employees and contractors, our stakeholders and the communities in which we live and work. We believe that making a contribution to sustainable development should be integrated into all aspects of our business and that a structured framework is needed to ensure that we accomplish this goal.

ASEC's activities involve working with large, heavy equipment, explosives and chemicals other and materials at extreme temperatures. We also face normal industrial hazards such as driving vehicles, working at heights and operating machinery with dangerous moving parts. ASEC is aiming to put in place one of the best safety management systems in the industry and actively manage the safety of all those who work on our sites - employees and contractors alike. In 2010, the Group launched the Zero Harm Project based on technical and human approaches. The process consists of four main activities, all carried out by the HSE Committee: The identification of critical harms, collecting data, feedback, and removal of barriers, based on the Group core beliefs which are:

·         All HSE harms can be prevented,

·         HSE is a matter of management and leadership,

·         Everybody is responsible for HSE at each level;

·         Everybody must be trained in HSE.

The Zero Harm Project is applicable to all group subsidiaries and activities and to all people directly or indirectly employed in our operations. The Group always operates in accordance with the relevant local legislation regulating working and safety and environmental conditions in each country where it operates. However, historical and cultural differences mean that different countries have developed different ways of approaching health, safety and environment management. For this reason, the Group decided to introduce a single vision for HSE. ASEC group requires the active commitment to and accountability for SD from all employees and contractors. Line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation and insuring compliance with SD policy and standards. Finally, active participation in sustainable development and accountability of all employees ensures that those who are affected by the changes are the ones determining the changes.


Welcome to ASEC CEMENT

ASEC CEMENT is a platform for investments in emerging cement markets in the Middle East and North Africa Region and was created in November 2005 by Citadel Capital, the MENA region’s leading private equity firm

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We seek to achieve and retain the continuous satisfaction of our customer, employees and shareholders because we believe it is the road to success.

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